Codorus Press takes its inspiration from independent publishers like Lawrence Ferlinghetti (City Lights), Virginia Woolf (Hogarth Press) and Harry Crosby (Black Sun Press).

"We approach independent publishing with the same ethos, gusto and guerrilla enthusiasm as your favorite indie band," says co-founder and publisher Wayne Lockwood.  "Through quality writing, production and presentation, we want to give independent publishing the same cool cache as indie music.”

Codorus Press is named for the Codorus Creek, which runs through the heart of York, Pa., where the Codorus principals first came together as journalists there. The Codorus logo is the historic Codorus Furnace, located along the namesake creek, where supporters of the American Revolution manufactured gunpowder to supply the Continental Army as it fought against British rule.

The focus of Codorus Press, Lockwood says, is on furthering freedom of thought by publishing books of surpassing quality that might otherwise be overlooked by the larger publishing houses who are bound by profit margins and replicating the latest trendy works.

"We believe consumers know a great book when they read it, and we're happy to support  authors that write them," he says.

Codorus Press is the Future

We at Codorus Press embrace the future of publishing. For us, that future lies in publishing great new works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry using both traditional and modern forms of publication and distribution.


We maintain a lean, mean organizational structure and embrace all the great stuff at our disposal – hardcopy books, e-books, social networking, blogging, viral video, podcasting, and personal appearances at which we

spread the word about what we do.

But we’re not just working for us, we’re also working for you, the aspiring independent publisher. We’ve established ourselves as

experts in boutique, guerrilla indie publishing

in today’s heavily competitive market and love sharing that information whenever we can.

Our outreach program, The Wandering Heretics Independent Publishing Tent Revival and Old Time Medicine Show, brings an interactive song and dance about the joys, benefits, rewards and occasionally cruel realities of indie publishing to your bookstore, writing group, school or other organization.

During the spring and fall, we love to hit book festivals big and small, and we're always looking for new and exciting ways to market the fine literature, nonfiction and genre fiction that our authors produce. Meanwhile our authors are always excited to appear and speak at genre specific events related to their work. So fans of mystery and crime fiction, horror or science fiction, don't be surprised if you see us at meetings and conventions throughout the year.

Please feel free to wander through our site to check out the details on out titles, as well as view some of the great book trailers and promotional videos we've put together. And don't forget to check out our other online homes, The Wandering Heretics Indie Publishing Blog, which features thoughts, opinions, challenges and huzzas related to 21st-century publishing, as well as frequent updates on what we're doing and where we're doing it. And naturally, you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Codorus Press is a small, independent publisher of high-quality literary fiction, genre fiction and nonfiction. Currently, our publishing slate is full, and we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts for consideration. Please do not query or send speculative manuscripts. Until further notice, we will not reply to queries or manuscript submissions. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned.

Who We Are